Dirac Live Room Correction Suite

Powerful sound optimization for your hifi system

Would you like to improve the sound from your PC or Mac-based sound system and correct the colorations introduced by your room? Then we have the perfect software for you. The Dirac Live Room Correction Suite™ allows the user to analyze their audio system and room, and correct the deficiencies in the sound. Choose between a software for 2-channels (two speakers), the Stereo Version, and 8-channels (for home theater and surround system), the Full Version.


                                Dirac Live Room Correction Suite Software                                                                                                                                                                                         

Dirac Live Room Correction Suite

- Stereo Version

* 2 channel (2 speakers) support
* Optimizes all sound from computer regardless media player
* Free support and updates
* 30 day money back guarantee
* License valid for 1 of customer's computers

More technical features

* Impulse response correction
* Frequency response correction
* Freely edit target curve, unlimited break points
* Automatic target functionality
* Shows average measurements
* Chair and sofa measurements

 Price: 389 Euro

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Dirac Live Room Correction Suite

- Full Version

* 8 channel (home theater etc.) support
* Optimizes all sound from computer regardless media player
* Free support and updates
* 30 day money back guarantee
* License valid for 2 of customer's computers

More technical features
* Impulse response correction
* Frequency response correction
* Freely edit target curve, unlimited break points
* Automatic target functionality
* Shows all measurements
* Chair, sofa and auditorium measurements

 Price: 650 Euro




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Frequently Asked Questions and Dirac Live RCS User Manual 

The software that runs on both PC and Mac is meant to cater to the non-technical user as well as the acoustic engineer. It is an acclaimed measurement-based solution for improved sound quality when you are listening to a hifi system with your computer as source and player. It firms up the bass, removes resonances, focuses the stereo image and makes voices stand out like you never have heard them before. See system requirements and technical specifications.
The technology on which it is based, Dirac Live®, is a result of years of research and patented digital signal processing. Used by leading high-end hifi companies, in luxury car sound systems such as Rolls Royce, BMW and Bentley and also in many digital cinema theaters around the world.
The Dirac Live Room Correction Suite consists of two modules of software:
1.  Dirac Live Calibration Tool
A simple step-by-step guided tool that allows you to measure and analyze the quality degradations that your loudspeakers and room imposes on the sound. Correction data is generated automatically.
The room calibration tool requires a microphone for the acoustic measurements and works with standard sound cards and USB DAC:s. No specialist knowledge is required. Take the measurements and the software figures out the rest! If you are an advanced user, you can however edit the target frequency response. View recommended microphones

2.  Dirac Audio Processor

Enables you to apply the created correction data to all sound that is played from your computer, regardless of media player or application.

  Dirac Live Calibration Tool - digital room correction  Dirac Live Calibration Tool


  Dirac audio processor   Two views of the Dirac Audio processor      


The room correction software supports up to 8 channels depending on version and up to 24 bit resolution at 96 kHz sampling rate. The technology is unique in that it corrects not only the frequency response but also the all important impulse response. This is in contrast to the common minimum-phase room correction systems that by definition do not optimize the impulse response. Correcting the impulse response yields improvements in the stereo image, clarity and transient reproduction of the music. Read more about the technical aspects of Dirac Live.

Frequency response correction - room correction

       Frequency response correction

Impulse response correction - room correction

          Impulse responce correction


For professional audio, plugins are the most common way of implementing room correction. However, there are a few advantages in using the Dirac Audio Processor instead:

• This digital room correction software is not a common sound optimization plugin such as a VST, AU or AXX, simply because these plugins only work when running inside a certain music application. Complaints from music recorders is that the only music they can hear optimized is the music they are making and not the one coming from common music or streaming services like iTunes or Spotify. You cannot listen to the optimized sound unless you import the music into this program. This is sometimes complicated if you are mixing, since you have to switch off a lot of other sound processing actions. Dirac Audio Processor solves this problem.

• The software optimizes all sound that leaves your computer, regardless of application.

• The software does not need to be bypassed in contrast to other software, in which, before bouncing, or rendering a file as a final mix, you must make sure to switch the room optimization off, so your room optimization curve is not printed into the mix (different people's rooms have different problems).

• The software lets you check that the final mix sound is okay in contrast to other programs from where you have to re-import it back into the program when you want to check it, since you can only hear the room optimization from within a certain program. But then you also have to bypass all the other plugins in that program, which can be a hassle.

• The software allows a wider range of microphones and uploading of room calibration files compared to other software that only supplies a basic microphone.

• Using Dirac Live, the professional user has unprecedented flexibility in shaping the target response to their needs. Coupled with the performance advantages from Dirac's patented impulse response correction, Dirac Live RCS offers distinct benefits for professionals.

Try the Dirac Live Room Correction Suite with full functionality for 14 days. We believe that it is hard to find a more cost efficient upgrade in terms of sound quality.


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"Our customers expect the ultimate in every experience and Dirac provides the ultimate within digital signal processing."

           - Mike Hanks, Senior Engineer at Bentley Motors

"I always wondered what my system would sound like in a room optimized for acoustics. Unfortunately I can not make my living room look like a studio. Instead I downloaded the trial version and tried it out. After two weeks it was hard to live without the room correction program from Dirac, the sound was more organic and natural to my ears. It is a lot of money but still worth every penny. I recommend all of you to try this program."

             - Kareem Shawwaf, end-user, Sweden

 "I was completely amazed by the difference that Dirac made to my new studio. My speakers are great but have several acoustic issues in my new studio resulting in the mixes not translating as expected, it was a friend who recommended I try Dirac. Now everything sounds just right!... significantly more accurate across the whole frequency range plus the imaging is incredible"

             - Ian Wallman, record producer (Ivor Novello nominated), UK


"The proof of all this pudding was in the listening, and it was delicious."

                    - Kalman Rubinson, Senior Contributing Editor, Stereophile


Dirac Live RCS User Manual v1.0.4

Advanced reading (PDF)



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Dirac Live® is used  
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correction technology.

Dirac Live® is used
in the Naim for
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Dirac Live® is used in
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High-end audio systems.

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Dirac Live® is used in
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Produces automotive sound
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