Why Dirac?

"Our customers expect the ultimate in every experience and Dirac provides the ultimate within digital signal processing." Mike Hanks, Senior Engineer at Bentley Motors, in connection with the 2011 Bentley Mulsanne release.

"I can no longer listen to music without comparing the sound with and without Dirac all the time. What a difference!" Hanna Björgvins, user of Dirac HD Sound, Sweden, 2012.

Dirac is not mainstream
According to sound system reviews in The Times, Top Gear, What Hifi, etc., Dirac provides world-leading sound quality. Mainstream sound effects have been used for a long time, and provide no market differentiation. Moreover, consumers are dissatisfied with the resulting sound quality. Dirac may be a game-changer for you.

Dirac is associated with world-leading brands
We know what it takes to work with companies that demand nothing but the best and in turn give nothing but the best to their customers. Please see our Reference Products section for more information on some of the companies and brands that we are currently working with.

Dirac offers

Superior technology focusing on good sound
- Best possible sound through tailored signal processing
- Tailored solutions for your product rather than generic sound effects
- Maximum sound design flexibility

Market differentiation
- Dirac is not mainstream
- Dirac is associated with world leading brands

R&D partner
- Technology roadmap for sustained leadership

Total sound solution partner
- Smart speaker design based on digital processing. Cost-effective best-in-class sound by using smart speaker concept.

Big ears
- We listen to our customers and do all that is possible to reach our common goals within the limits of physics. We believe in hard work and honesty.


For licensing inquiries in China please contact our distributor Allied Acoustiks on will(dot)zhang (at) alliedacoustiks (dot) com

Publicerad 2010-04-29 av Anna Andersson