Mathias Johansson, CEO at Dirac, talks at the Home Theater Geeks show on how to improve the sound with room correction and other techniques

Mathias Johansson CEO at Dirac and Home Theater Geeks Scott Wilkinson

Scott Wilkinson                                                    Mathias Johansson

August 20, 2015:

- Hosted by Scott Wilkinson


Dirac Live Listening Comparison


dirac live room correction software

July 18, 2015:

- Wayne Myers



MiniDSP DDRC-88A and Dirac Live Audio Processor

 MiniDSP DDRC-88A and Dirac Live Processor

Review July 8, 2015:

"When I listen to the system with Dirac Live and then switch to MCACC Pro, I'm reminded of why my first encounter with Dirac was so memorable. It elevates the whole system, much more so than any other $1000 investment I can think of"

- Mark Henninger



miniDSP nanoAVR DL HDMI and Dirac Live Audio Processor

 miniDSP nanoavr & Dirac Live

Review June 1, 2015:

"What put Dirac Live over the top for me was listening to Devin Townsend's Ki album. A long time fan of his music, I have often felt that his heavier track mixes could be a little too dense for their own good at times, bordering on sonically indecipherable at others. What Dirac Live had done was like going through the sonic landscape with a fine-toothed comb, sharpening and separating all of the images and teasing out into the open minute details that rarely saw the light of day. "

- Wayne Myers



"The effect on the sound was remarkable and immediate"



Review March 24, 2015:

"In fact, there wasn't an aspect of the musical of reproduction that was not affected by the DSP; whereas the beauty is that it can be tailored to your specific preferences, with your speakers, in your room."

- John Brazier, Editor, Positive Feedback


Gothenburg Concert Hall in a Volvo car using sound optimization from Dirac
 Sound optimization like a concert hall - Volvo and Dirac


Swedish article January 2015:
                   - Stefan Nävermyr, Editor, Göteborgs Symfoniker



Audioholics interview with Mathias Johansson, CEO at Dirac, about digital room correction
 Audioholics and Dirac - room correction products


Audioholics Interview Nov 5, 2014:
                   - Steve Munz, Editor, Audioholics


Dirac - the 7th hottest IT company in Sweden

Swedish magazine Computer Sweden appoints every year Sweden's 50 hottest growth companies in IT and telecom. The listed companies are presented at and in the printed magazine. Dirac is the 7th hottest IT company in Sweden.

Swedish article November 20, 2014:

                    - Mattias Malmqvist, Editor, ComputerSweden

 Dirac - The 7th hottest IT company in Sweden


Dirac is revolutionizing the audio industry

Reportage - DSP a la Dirac 


Swedish article Nov 11, 2014, Nr 11 '14:

Read the whole article on a PDF-file here (Swedish).                  
                   - Mikael Theander, Editor, Hifi & Musik



Dirac nominated in Computer Sweden

Swedish magazine Computer Sweden appoints every year Sweden's 50 hottest growth companies in IT and telecom. The listed companies are presented at and in the printed magazine until the awards ceremony on November 18. Among the nominees is now Dirac.

Swedish article October 29, 2014:

                    - Mattias Malmqvist, Editor, ComputerSweden

Dirac nominated in Computer Sweden



Success for Dirac in China

Success for Dirac in China


Swedish article October 20, 2014:
                    - Mattias Malmqvist, Editor, ComputerSweden



Dirac's technology used by one of the fastest growing mobile phone companies - Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi

     Dirac and Ny Teknik

Swedish article August 13, 2014:

                    - Helen Ahlbom, Editor, Ny Teknik



Dirac Live Room Correction Suite in Stereophile magazine
  Stereophile logo

Review May 6, 2014:

"The proof of all this pudding was in the listening, and it was delicious."

"the bass was similarly improved. Moreover, with this very immersive surround mix, all of the performers were more discretely positioned around me, and yet the ambience of the performance space was smoothly continuous between them. Individual instruments, easily discriminated among because of their distribution, had a more lifelike presence. It was addictive."

                    - Kalman Rubinson, Senior Contributing Editor, Stereophile


Dirac Live in Datasat RS20i preamp/processor for home theater
   Datasat RS20i

Review April 25, 2014:

"The unit also features what may be the best room equalization technology on the market: Dirac Live. This powerful software enables a variety of setup and calibration methods to fine-tune any residential audio installation."

                    - Robert Archer, Senior Editor, CE Pro


Volvo turns to Dirac for audio optimization

       Volvo and Dirac

Technology Tell:

"Finally, Dirac has been brought on to enhance the Harman/Kardon audio systems."

                    - Brett Solomon, Editor at Technology Tell and member of the
                       International Motor Press Association.


 Dirac mentioned in Audioholics Interview

 Dirac Live Room Correction Suite software

Audioholics Interview:

"I have worked with Audyssey, Dirac, TACT, DSPeaker, DEQX and am presently looking at Bohmer. Thus far, my favorite is Dirac with TACT running second."

- Bill Dudleston, President and founder, Legacy Audio


Datasat and Dirac
   Datasat RS20i

Review Jan, 2014

Widescreen Review: Datasat Digital Entertainment RS20i Surround Sound Processor And RA7300 Seven-Channel Amplifier, written by Doug Blackburn

Magazine: Volume 23, Number 1, issue 183, January 2014

"Datasat has produced the high-end benchmark for audio performance in home theatre. I suppose it might be possible to someday produce something that might sound marginally better than these components, but it won't be easy or cheap. The RS20i and RA7300 combo produce the most visceral, life-like, and ultra-resolution sound I've ever heard from a home theatre system. Dirac live room correction is the real deal, completely correcting severe subwoofer Setup problems, resulting in the best bass detail and resolution heard to date."


 Dirac Live DSP Optimization for Computer Audio

 Dirac Live Room Correction Suite software

Review Sep 20, 2013:

"This software, in less than a day, has made my desktop system sound better than I've been able to make it sound after years of traditional optimization!."

"Dirac Live is a suite of two programs that allows fast, easy and accurate calibration of room acoustics and amplifier and speaker characteristics. It very quickly makes huge improvements in any and all computer audio playback systems, especially desktop Hi-Fi for which I've used it."


Digital room correction with Dirac RCS

Review Aug 21, 2013

Danish review of the Dirac Live Room Correction Suite, written by Søren Bertram Pedersen.

     Room Correction

Read the whole article here (Danish)


Rolls Royce and Dirac
      Rolls Royce and Dirac


German Article August 2, 2013

Translated English version below:

Rolls-Royce Wraith with Bespoke Audio System: Rock & Rolls

Following founder Sir Henry Royce ("take the best that exists and make it better"), the sound system starts on a solid and noble base. [...] Moreover, the sound system relies on the sophisticated swedish Dirac software, which by means of, amongst others, phase and frequency corrections, allows for improved reproduction of the auditory image and staging.

Britannia rules the Waves
After just a few bars it is certain: This is definitely the best series production car audio system on the planet. Britannia rules the airwaves! It reproduces instruments and voices just like the mixing engineer created them.

The Bespoke audio system combines the naturalness and detailed resolution of really expensive home audio systems with drive, attack, and composure, which can only be topped by a live concert.

Apropos: As if the car and the sound system hadn't impressed me enough, Mr. Monks just had to share his nicest development experience with me. Superstar Brain Johnson sits next to him and inserts an AC/DC CD. It didn't take long until Brian Johnson damned his 150.000 EUR home sound system and started to sing along, a cappella, with himself. How cool is that? After the overwhelming listening impressions I willingly believe that it harmonized perfectly. Have a go and try to accomplish this with your own sound system.

"Money" by Pink Floyd, in this ambiance with this performance, sends a shiver down your spine, in a way that the reality in front of me became indistinct. Wow!

Read the whole German article here


"this app takes dull tracks and massages them into full-on sonic amazingness."

   Dirac HD Player Icon.png

Review May 21, 2013: 

"In a word, simply. The Dirac HD app displays your iDevice's music library as playlists, artists, songs or albums, and it lets you toggle the Dirac HD Sound on/off. That's it. But that's more than enough, as this app takes dull tracks and massages them into full-on sonic amazingness. "


"The closest I've ever been to being in a concert hall."


Dirac Live room correction

Review April 14, 2013:

"By being able to manipulate the program's curves, I was able to voice my speakers in such a way that I actually felt the closest I've ever been to being in a concert hall." 


Dirac HD Player DSP For Apple´s Earphones

 Dirac HD Player Lite Icon.png

Review Nov 14, 2012: 

"I haven't heard anything this night-and-day amazing in about 30 years."

This new, free Dirac Player HD app for iPod, iPhone and iPad
uses highly advanced DSP to optimize the sound of Apple's new EarPods (as well as the older ear buds) to turn OK little earphones into something incredible, especially if you're a skilled, careful listener.


Datasat RS20i Audio Processor with Dirac Live Room Optimization wins EX!TE Award 2012


CustomRetailer - Sep, 2012

CustomRetailer Magazine presented their annual EX!TE Awards to the best products available to the industry this year. "This year's winners stood out as particularly impressive, considering the unique challenges custom installers face every day on the job. The impact these products have on the industry is felt in the installers' productivity, the dealers' profitability, the clients' satisfaction and the industry's vitality."

Datasat RS20i audio processor with Dirac Live Room Optimization wins Ex!te award

Read about the award here  


Topic of International CES 2012 


Phileweb - Feb 22, 2012

"International Consumer Electronics Show was held at Las Vegas U.S. There were many companies who introduced their new products, but one of the most interesting technology was announced from Dirac Research, Sweden."


Read the whole article here (Japanese) 

Dirac Ditty


HI-FI WORLD - Feb, 2012

"The whole system is sonically well enough balanced to sound creidible to a critical listener such as me."

Dirac Dittycoverage

Read the whole article here (PDF).

Dirac Dimensions™ in  BMW 6 Series Coupé feat. Bang & Olufsen sound system


BMW´s Channel - Jan 24, 2012 

"..The speakers in the car are usually located very close to the passangers with varying distances. We can locate the speakers with Dirac Dimensions™ outside the car which have a very similiar distance to the seats just like in the living room, this causes all over high-class acoustics.." (2:40)

Dirac Live Room Correction


Hometheater magazine - Jan 20, 2012

"The difference was impressive in the first demo and transformative in the second." 

Read the whole article here (PDF).

2012 CES Show Report 


Posted by Robert Kozel - Jan 16, 2012

"ATI has entered into a licensing agreement with Dirac Research AB which is located in Uppsala, Sweden.  The Dirac Live system reduces the effects of early room reflections and improves the clarity and bass response in the listening room. The user interface seemed very intuitive and was running on a Windows 7 laptop."


Read the whole article here

Review on CES 2012 Show Reports


SECRETS CES Coverage Team   - Jan 10, 2012

".. I should also mention that the Dirac Live Digital Room Correction system was the most interesting home theater technology that I saw at the show.


Read the whole article here 

Best Newcomer

Review Dec, 2012

German review of the room correction suite and our demo at the HiFi-Music-World in Stuttgart, written by Frank Landmesser.

Dirac Live Room Correction Review

Read the whole article here (German)


Naim For Bentley On Song


What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision - Dec, 2011

Experienced hi-fi and technology journalist Andy Kerr took the Bentley Continental GT out for a spin to test out its Naim For Bentley system.

Kerr comments on how the Naim For Bentley system uses innovative Dirac Dimensions™ digital processing technology and BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) drivers to create the experience of "the performer, performing to you in your own Bentley auditorium" going on to state that the Naim For Bentley System "Isn't just a car stereo system, it's a serious mobile hi-fi." 

Moving the Audio Experience Forward


Cinema Technology Magazine - Dec 2011

"Each issue or problem has its own independent solution and path forward as outlined. The key is to provide all the solutions in one package and this is not where we ended up, it´s where we started.

The future of audio is here now."


 Read the whole article here (PDF).

Dirac Bows Room Correction Technology 


CustomRetailer - Sep 26, 2011

"A movie theater-optimized version of the solution has been launched by Datasat Digital Entertainment, formerly DTS. Additionally, Dirac recently forged an agreement with Amplifier Technologies Inc. (ATI), which plans to incorporate Dirac Live into the Theta Digital Casablanca preamp/processor line. Also on board as a licensee is Ken Kreisel, founder of Miller & Kreisel Sound, who recently launched Ken Kreisel Professional Sound and will use Dirac's high-end-speaker-focused Dirac HD Sound solution in his new line of studio monitor speaker systems and subwoofers available in early 2012." 

Read the whole article here (PDF).

Factory-produced High-End

Debut this fall for PC speakers


Phileweb - Aug 31, 2011

Article explains how Dirac's technology adjusts the sound to achieve a sound that is faithful to the speaker drive signals.


Read the whole article here 

Dirac Research Room Correction Technology


Posted by Piero Gabucci - Sep 26, 2011

"The results were not night and day but rather sophisticated in the end. What seemed like congestion and flat lifeless music through bookshelf speakers without Dirac Live® activated became clear and cohesive. What sounded terribly harsh (think of really bad computer speakers trying to play too loud) without the correction became delineated and voices sounded natural. And yes, bass was fuller and present, in fact non-existent without Live® active. 

I'm sure you will hear more from Dirac very soon; room correction keeps getting better and better!"

Read the whole article here

CEDIA 2011 Post Show Report


Posted by David A Rich - Sep 23, 2011

"The room-correction system is by Dirac Research. Dirac also supplies room correction for the ATI products discussed above, although the differences may exist in the filter banks and thus the coefficient loaded into the hardware. The Datasat ships with twelve channels of Dirac Live room correction, and sixteen will be forthcoming."


Read the whole article here 


(Totally Decoupled)

Alexanderos Mitropoulos - Sep, 2011

"Would it not be good thing if one could adjust the loudspeaker to the acoustics caused by its position, just by clicking a button? XTZ follows this concept with its newly introduced DSP-supported PC loudspeakers MH-800. The result is something to hear. "

PC-Box XTZ MH-800

Read the whole article here (PDF).

Schwedische Kronen

(Swedish Crowns) 

einsnull - Sep, 2011

"You would not believe how much the dynamics is improved, when the chassi is hundred percent syncronized, and produces time-aligned sound.
Already without processor support, the sound set produces grown up sound,
spacey and true, thanks to the broadband loudspeaker element. With the DSP turned on, the sun rises. This finally reveals the joy of play and the potential of this very good Chassi. Voices are unbelievably expressive, the reproduction is absolutely rythmic and direct. After a few minutes, one does not want to live without the DSP filter support."

Schwedische Kronenbild

Read the whole article here (PDF).

World Premiere: 2012 BMW 6 Series Coupe


BMWBLOG - March 12, 2011 

"The Bang & Olufsen High-End Surround Sound System uses Dirac Dimensions™ technology to recreate the acoustics of a reference listening room in the passenger compartment."

Read the whole article here

Full Correction

(Full Korrigering)

Hifi & Musik - No.11, 2010

"The reason for our visit is the new, small XTZ speakers, which thanks to the Dirac software can perform at a level which only can be described as shocking."

Read the whole article here (PDF).

New Continental GT:Audio


The Bentley Magazine - No.35 AUTUMN 2010

"There is the impression of a whole blanket of sound, which is very realistic."

The picture below shows a tuning session at Bentley, and how the legendary recording engineer Andy Rose discusses the sound tuning of the Bentley Continental GT, with the combined Naim, Dirac and Bentley Audio team.


To the far right Dr. Lars-Johan Brännmark of Dirac is working the Dirac Dimensions™ tuning software.

Read the whole article here (PDF).

Bentley Mulsanne


TopGear - June 2010

Regarding the Naim for Bentley sound system with Dirac Live® technology:

"...the system reproduces sound so beautifully that you find yourself hearing things on favourite tracks that you've never heard before. And it's not necessarily all about power; even at low volume levels,  the mellowest of audiophiles can tell the difference. If you're serious, you might buy a Mulsanne just for that."

Read the whole article here

Pistons at dawn - fire when ready, gentlemen


The Times - 2 May 2010

Regarding the Naim for Bentley sound system with Dirac Live® technology:

" perhaps the finest stereo I've heard in a car. Everything from drum'n'bass to the most delicate classical music sounds ridiculously good."

 Read the whole article here

DATASAT AP20 - a cinema sound processor with several significant differences...


Cinema Technology Magazine - Vol.23, No 2, June 2010

  • "It is these techniques that Datasat Digital Entertainment has now incorporated for the cinema, based on cutting edge research from Dirac Research AB"
  • "One of the most compelling features of the AP20 is the inclusion of Dirac Live® room optimisation technology"


Read the whole article here (PDF).

BMW Commercial



Factory-produced High-End



AutoHifi, issue 3/2009, March-April 2009

Review in German of the Individual High End Sound System in the BMW M3:

  • "As a matter of fact, this Individual-System is the best factory-designed sound system that AutoHifi has ever listened to."
  • "And this has been accomplished exclusively by using high-quality components and precise tuning, completely without special effects."


Read the whole article here (PDF).
Read the English translation here

Invisible loudspeakers elevate the car stereo

(Osynliga högtalare lyfter bilstereon)

Ny Teknik - 5 May 2007

Dirac Center Stage, one of the revolutionary technologies from Dirac Research, was demonstrated in a 4-channel car audio system (using only door-mounted loudspeakers) to Hans Dahlquist, audiophile and reporter from Swedish technology newspaper Ny Teknik: "During a short demonstration of the algorithm, […] all doubts of its influence vanish. The sound stage elevates, becomes centered, more spacious, and more accurate - even when sitting in the rear seats."

Read the whole article here

Jazz Proof


Sport auto, issue 10/2007, September 2007

Review in German of the Individual High End Sound System in the new BMW M5:

  •  "purely astonishing, extremely stable, spatial image of the sound stage"
  •   "The sound quality offered by the BMW Individual High End System in a parked car is hard to surpass with respect to resolution and bass distinctness even with expensive home systems."


Read the whole article here (PDF).
Read the English translation here (PDF).

Street Musician


Auto Motor und Sport, issue 8/2007, March 2007

Review in German of the Individual High End Sound System in BMW M5 Touring. The article concludes "the most impressive sound system in the world with respect to stereo reproduction".

Read the whole artice here (PDF).
Read the English translation here (PDF).

Swedish Defense aims for silent hovercrafts

(Försvaret vill tysta nya svävare med motljud)

Ny Teknik - 4 December 2006

The Swedish Defense Material Administration has signed a contract for an Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) pilot project with Dirac Research.

Sound from uppsala in new SUV from BMW

(Uppsalaljud i BMW:s nya stadsjeep)

Ny Teknik - 22 November 2006

Article in Swedish about the launch of the new BMW X5, the first car to feature Dirac Live™. This is the starting point for the company's commercial breakthrough in automotive audio.

Swedish company behind premium sound in the new BMW X5

(Svenskt företag fixar toppljud i nya BMW X5)

Auto motor & sport - 21 November 2006

Article in the Swedish magazine AutoMotorSport describing the launch of the new sound system in BMW X5.

Read the whole article here

Use the audio system to cancel unwanted sound inside a car

(Stereon dämpar bullret i bilen)

Ny Teknik - 4 October 2006

Dirac Research in Uppsala is developing a new system to cancel unwanted sound inside the car.

Innovative sound solution from Uppsala in German premium car

(Tysk prestigebil skall få ljud från Uppsala)

Ny Teknik - 16 March 2005

Audi, BMW or Mercedes? One of these car manufacturers includes new technology from the company Dirac Research in Uppsala.

Major car manufacturer includes sound technology from Uppsala

(Stor biltillverkare satsar på Uppsalaljud)

Ny Teknik - 14 September 2004

One of the major car manufacturers in the world believes in filtering technology from the company Dirac Research in Uppsala

Dirac Research: Magic box gives golden sound from computer speakers

(Dirac Research: Hemlig låda ger guldljud från plastburkar)

Ny Teknik - 8 April 2003

Dirac Research in Uppsala has developed a filtering technology that improves the sound quality in HiFi systems.

Moderne Elektronikk
Nr 14, 2001

Upsala Nya Tidning

Dagens Industri


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