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Dirac Live® and Dirac
Dimensions™ are featured in BMW's top level audio systems.

The Rolls Royce Ghost
uses Dirac Live® sound
optimization technology.

Dirac Live® and Dirac Dimensions™are
used in the Naim for Bentley
audio system.

Dirac Live® is featured
in BMW M's Individual
High-end audio systems.

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Dirac technologies are featured in Xiaomi smartphones.

Datasat produces high-end cinema and consumer audio
processors based on
Dirac Live® technology

Dirac Live® and Dirac Dimensions™

are featured in the Naim for Bentley
audio systems.

Oppo produces high-end
mobile phones that use
Dirac HD Sound® to improve
the sound performance.

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ASK produces premium
automotive OEM sound systems featuring Dirac technology.

Kreisel uses Dirac technology
to improve the impulse response of their loudspeakers.

Wavelit produces high-performance
loudspeakers using
Dirac technology.

Pioneer utilizes Dirac HD Sound® to deliver  top class audio playback from their next generation of loudspeakers.


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Meizu uses Dirac HD Sound® to improve the sound performance of their mobile phones.

Theta Digital offers Dirac Live® technology to their Theta Digital Casablanca IV customers.

Jays uses Dirac HD Sound® technology

in the JAYS Curves iPhone app.

Barco uses Dirac Live® technology in their 3D cinema audio processors supporting the Auro 11.1 sound format.

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XTZ produces premium multimedia loudpeakers based on Dirac HD Sound®.

Lear produces automotive
sound systems using
Dirac technology.

Sonic Studio provides Dirac Live® impulse

response correction with their award winning

Amarra music player

Dirac HD Sound® technology is featured in selected Olympus radio servers

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Dirac Live® room correction technology is featured in the Emotiva XMC-1

Nuforce uses Dirac HD Sound® to optimize their earphones through NuForce HD Player.

Swedish Radio uses Dirac Live® technology in selected control rooms. Goodmans adopts Dirac HD Sound technology to optimize the sound quality of their speakers.
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DTS uses Dirac Live Room Correction in their Mixing Studios.


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