Dirac Dimensions - Overview

What is Dirac Dimensions?
Dirac Dimensions™ is state-of-the-art advanced soundfield control technology. It uses several loudspeakers together in order to alter the actual soundfield in a listening environment. By doing this, "virtual" sound sources can be placed - i.e. the location where the sound comes from can be altered - and characteristics of entirely different rooms can be imitated, both in size and shape.

Dirac Dimensions

How does Dirac Dimensions work?
The space in which Dirac Dimensions is to be applied is analyzed with a microphone array connected to a high performing computer, running the Dirac Dimensions tuning software. Once data regarding the room's existing soundfield has been gathered, it is possible to draw a new room and chose desired virtual speaker positions in the computer software.

What are the benefits of Dirac Dimensions?
- Overcome tricky speaker placements
- Make a small space sound like a large reference room
- Eliminates the need for up-mixing algorithms. If you have enough speakers you simply add virtual channels to match the channel count of the material
- Improved staging (localization of sound events)
- Better clarity and intelligibility in music and voices

Who is Dirac Dimensions for?
Dirac Dimensions needs many loudspeakers to be used in order to work properly and it is currently used by premium carmakers such as BMW and Bentley. The technology is suited for premium car sound systems of today that typically employ at least eight speakers.

Publicerad 2010-04-29 av Anna Andersson