Dirac HD Sound - Overview 

What is Dirac HD Sound?
There are physical constraints present in all mechanical systems. Loudspeakers and earphones are by nature mechanical and it is therefore impossible to make a perfect loudspeaker - there will always be coloration on the sound, regardless of the price and quality. Dirac HD Sound® is advanced patented software technology that analyzes and corrects for these colorations. The result is a genuine improvement of the loudspeaker/earphone characteristics and thereby the sound. Dirac HD Sound is not a psychoacoustic sound effect, it is a sound correction technology tailored to a specific loudspeaker model.

Dirac HD Sound Mobile

How does Dirac HD Sound work?
Each speaker model, or earphone model, has been individually analyzed by the manufacturer in Dirac's analysis tool. Once an acoustical model of the speaker has been built, the advanced algorithms in the Dirac analysis tool will create a tailored digital controller that optimizes the performance of each individual speaker model. This controller is then shipped with every supported product to deliver a superior sound performance. The technology handles both the timing and amplitude aspects of the sound, or on a more technical level, the impulse response and the frequency response.

This sounds very different from a sound effect!
Yes, sound effects have been used for decades and go by varying names. Most of the time they are turned off by the user, since they are just general-purpose effects that offer no improvement and often make the sound worse. It's artifical, and you hear it. Dirac HD Sound offers a true improvement, because it is tailored to a specific sound system model. Instead of different effects, we offer correction.

Who is Dirac HD Sound for?
Dirac HD Sound is for consumers that want to ensure themselves that the product they buy will include the best sound reproduction possible. For manufacturers Dirac HD Sound is a guarantee that they provide their customers with the best possible sound for their given product.

Dirac HD Sound can be applied to any type of system with a loudspeaker or transducer. TV:s, studio monitors, docking stations, tablets, mobile phones, earphones, etc., all benefit from this tailored optimization.


Dirac HD Sound commercial video

Publicerad 2010-04-29 av Anna Andersson