Dirac Live - Overview

What is Dirac Live?
Loudspeakers and rooms in which they are placed inevitably introduce coloration on the reproduced
sound. These colorations are sometimes very difficult or impossible to remove with traditional hardware design and room treatments. Dirac Live® is advanced patented software technology that analyzes the speakers as well as the room and corrects these colorations with the purpose of achieving a better sound. We call this "room correction."  

How does Dirac Live work?
The audio system and room are analyzed with a microphone connected to Dirac's computer software. The software then builds an acoustical model of the room and detects the deficiencies. After careful analysis the Dirac Live technology makes a correction of the colorations in the sound. The technology handles both the timing and amplitude aspects of the coloration, or on a more technical level, the impulse response and the frequency response. 

What are the benefits of Dirac Live?
In short, the speakers become better and negative room effects are reduced. However these are some of the more specific benefits that can be experienced:
- Improved staging (localization of sound events)
- Better clarity and intelligibility in music and vocals
- A deeper and tighter bass without resonances. 

Who is Dirac Live for?
Dirac Live technology is used in several different ways. For instance, BMW, Bentley, and Rolls Royce use it to improve the audio performance in their top level audio systems; Datasat and Theta Digital use it for their high-end cinema and audio processors; and Dirac Live Room correction Suite allows the consumer the power of calibrating their own systems in a very cost efficient way.



Publicerad 2010-04-29 av Anna Andersson