Dirac M-Suite

What is Dirac M-Suite?

Dirac M-Suite is a total sound optimization package based on a set of high-end technologies originally derived from the high-end home audio-, professional cinema-, and premium automotive markets. Dirac M-Suite is comprised of optimized versions of Dirac HD Sound, the Dirac sound field control technology and Dirac Power Sound. Companies such as Oppo, Meizu and Xiaomi use Dirac technologies to improve the sound performance of their smartphones.

Dirac HD Sound is digital speaker- and earphone optimization technology licensed to the high performance audio-, mobile-, and consumer electronic markets. While other audio technologies are commonly based on psychoacoustic sound effects or basic so called minimum-phase technology, Dirac HD Sound applies optimization at the deepest possible level by applying state-of-the-art magnitude- and impulse response optimization, yielding a more natural, clear, and less fatiguing sound.

Dirac HD Sound Mobile

Dirac sound field control technology for earphones is licensed to the mobile- and gaming markets. It is inspired by advanced Dirac Dimensions™ technology in order to reposition any kind of surround and stereo sound sources outside of the listener's head. While other solutions use fatiguing psychoacoustic sound effects, the Dirac sound field control technology reproduces an actual sound field of a reference listening environment, yielding a more natural sound and a more precise repositioning. Works with stereo as well as multichannel material.

Dirac Sound Field Control Technology - ON 

Dirac Power Sound is a sound pressure maximization technology licensed to the consumer electronics- and mobile markets. It increases the ability for small transducers to reproduce a big sound while maintaining a natural sound character.

Dirac and Xiaomi mi pad 1 

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